I was born in Denmark in a Copenhagen suburb in 1985.
I spent my childhood doing the stuff children do, playing,
learning to ride bikes, going to school and
drawing…and drawing…and drawing...
In 2006 I moved to Austria and in 2007 I got accepted at
the Academy of Art in Vienna studying drawing and printing
My career as a commercial illustrator started in 2009.
In 2010 I started working with Caroline Seidler an
Austrian agent representing illustrators in Austria,
Switzerland and Germany and later the same year
I joined the London based agency Peppercookies who
represents Scandinavian illustrators worldwide.
Since late 2010 my base has been Copenhagen where
I work and live.

My clients include
Brainds Agentur, Brand 8, Bulletin Magazine, Faktor A,
Falck Travel Care, Fleisch Magazin, Miss, Die Presse,
Style in Progress, The Independent Sunday Review           



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